Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing Tips-

There are only two ways to get more website traffic:

  1. Pay for it, or
  2. Don’t pay for it.

If you prefer the free option, these article marketing tips might be helpful. This is a great way to build your online business without incurring hefty advertising expenses.

  • Creating a presence at article directories helps your site:
  • Generate steady traffic,
  • Demonstrate niche/industry authority, and
  • Climb higher on the search engines results pages, thanks to the many links this leads into your site.


Why Article Marketing Works

The higher your articles appear in search engines such as Google and Bing, the better your chances to get more website traffic.

Also, the more articles you upload to the online article directories, the more you’ll enjoy the benefits of backlinks, which bolster your site’s authority on search engines.

Once an article directory shares your articles with their subscribers, the exposure your site reaps increases — and so do the number of backlinks pointing to your website.

Altogether, the benefits of article marketing can create a wondrous cycle to get more website traffic, when done well.


The Best of All Article Marketing Tips

The backlinks are very important, but they aren’t all you want to focus on. When implementing article marketing as a strategy, writing valuable and useful content is crucial.

Strive to really help readers, opening up and sharing insights and tips that’ll benefit their efforts. This makes you more memorable as a resource, someone who seems worth visiting the website of!


Keyword Related Article Marketing Tips

When writing for the web, always be mindful of search engine optimization (SEO). Your articles should contain the keywords and phrases you’ve learned that people use when searching Google for information relative to your products or services.


Article Marketing Content Goes Viral

Two groups of people use online article directories:

  1.  Individuals who’re likely looking to buy what you sell, and
  2. People who publish websites and need fresh content in your niche.

Most article directories allow people to use your articles for free on their site, as long as they don’t change your signature as the author or the link to your site. That’s great: everyone loves the additional exposure!


Rinse & Repeat the Article Marketing Process

To maximize the potential of your articles, submit half of your articles to the top 5-10 article directories. EzineArticles has been leading the article directory pack for some time, so definitely submit articles to that site.

It’s tempting to want to submit the same article to as many article directories as possible — but don’t do it. This will hinder your effort.

Google loathes duplicate content; it only values original, unique information. Your web pages could be removed altogether from the search engines.

Just do the extra work of ensuring that each article submit to a directory is different enough. It’s time consuming to do some tweaking to each, but better safe than sorry.

Have you tried article marketing? If so, did you get more website traffic? Tell us your thoughts, comments and questions about article marketing below.