Google “Panda” Eats Shoots and Leaves (Quality Content)

Google Panda-

I’ve always viewed every blogger’s need to constantly update their blog as needing to feed the Google monster. Well, it’s time for an animal remix! That’s because Google’s search algorithm recently declared itself a BEAR — specifically, a hungry “panda” with a palate for gourmet fare! (I.e., quality content.)

When it comes to your blog content, here’s how to make Google Panda your new best friend — not something that eats shoots & leaves all over your website . . .


Why Placate Google Panda?

Google wants to see higher quality content on websites and blogs. They created Panda to weed out content farms, those backlinking systems that game the search engines, to increase visibility on the search results pages.

So, Panda uses more stringent criteria to assess the quality of everyone’s web pages. (Panda seems a bit like Watson, the IBM computer who beat the shoot out those two lowly human “Jeopardy” champs.)

But many SEO experts believe the new algorithm evaluates web pages too harshly:  All across the Internet, certain high-ranking sites experienced a shocking drop in the amount to traffic they receive from Google, thanks to the Panda effect.

Needless to say, many web publishers feel bamboozled. Many folk have worked very hard for years to accumulate backlinks “endorsing” their sites.

And many of them feel strongly that their content quality is up to par. Yet, it seems that Panda disagrees with something about these sites. Just what is the BIGGEST question.


Panda’s Finicky Taste Buds

Big G is always secretive about the exact formula it uses to valuate web content. But it seems that with Panda, every piece of content is judged by:

  • Your information quality (this seems to be the most important and elusive code to crack);
  • Quality backlinks leading into your page(s);
  • The presence of duplicate content that some other site seems to own; and
  • Possibly the balance of ads vs. content on your website.

If your site became entangled in Panda’s gnarly net and lost rankings juice in the search results, there are “site clean up” steps you can take.

Apparently, many web publishers have been scrambling to do this. For more information on how to Panda-proof your site, read these helpful blog posts:

  • At Digital Inspiration, the site owner provides a step-by-step of the site tweaks and restructuring he undertook to get his Google traffic back on track.
  • Search Engine Watch provides a good guide of issues you might need to address, to ward off Panda’s paws.
  • Visit the forum at Google Webmaster Central to read countless complaints and pleas for Google to restore a site’s search page rankings.


But Here’s Why We LOVE Panda 

Copy Clique strives to deliver quality content, and this content strategy seems to have paid off. Our style of content writing and SEO copywriting (discussed here: improve Google ranking) seems to be appreciated by Panda: Copy Clique currently holds first-page positions on the Google search results pages for at least three of our targeted keyword phrases!

content writing report. We hope it proves helpful and welcome an opportunity to personally work with you improve your copy for Google ranking success.

P.S. If you’d like a Free Website Copy Review, we’d love to hear from you!