How to Hire a Rock Star Copywriter for Electrifying Results


For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, the need to hire a copywriter is a daunting task. You may want a “rock star” copywriter, but don’t want to make an *electrifying* mistake. So, how do you select an *awesome* online copywriter who’ll be effective at helping market your products or services? Try these steps …


What is a Copywriter?

The best copywriters have been trained on the art of words, how to string them together to impact your target customers for sales.

Copywriters are responsible for helping generate sales by putting forth your business proposition for a positive response.

We do this by writing strong sales copy and marketing copy for various mediums including print, websites, television, radio, email and more.

Experienced copywriters know how to write copy that really speaks to potential customers and clients. They know how to make a positive impression on your behalf.

If you want to hire a copywriter to help your Internet business, you’ll find plenty of writers who’d like to work with you. But not just any copywriter will be worth your time or money.


How to Choose a Good Copywriter

Hiring an inexperienced copywriter — or one who isn’t a good fit for your needs — becomes frustrating for everyone involved. However, most real copywriters are a joy to work with. They make the process of building and branding a business easier.

But with so many copywriters to choose from, how do your select the right one? There are six essential points to evaluate and compare before selecting online copywriters for your sales and marketing needs:

  1. Writing Samples

Seeing is believing, so ask to see writing samples that are similar in tone to what you’re looking for. Quality copywriters are easy to spot by their writing alone (although there are other reasons you might not choose this person).

Look for work containing little to no typos and grammatical errors. But look beyond the obvious. Are you inspired by what you read?

Is there evidence of fresh, stand-apart thinking? Are there well-crafted calls-to-action, telling the audience the next step to take? These are crucial elements that some less experienced writers neglect.

  1. Experience

A copywriter’s training and work background can be indicative of whether or not this writer will be a good fit for you. Ask about their previous writing experience.

Find out the types of writing they usually do. The best copywriters usually have advertising agency experience.

However, many others good writers have learned via training with some of the best online copywriters. Try to get a sense that one credential or the other is in place.

  1. Willingness To Revise

There are excellent copywriters out there, but if they are unwilling to take direction or constructive criticism from the you, steer clear!

If a writer seems reluctant to make the revisions you may want to request, look for someone else. Most writers understand that revisions are an essential part of the writing business.

Anyone you’re considering hiring should be fine with doing whatever it takes to you, a potential new client, happy.

  1. Testimonials

Nothing beats seeing testimonials about a copywriter you’re considering hiring. Feel free to ask potential candidates to see feedback they’ve received from previous customers.

Beware of testimonials that are only signed with initials . . . are those testimonials even real?

  1. Strategic Marketing Depth

For a successful project, a lot of learning and research is required on the writer’s part. It’s important for copywriters to research and learn all they can about your marketing strategy and approach.

So, look for an indication that a copywriter is eager to dig in, to learn the best practices and positioning opportunities in your business category.

  1. Solid Seo Writing Skills

If your talking with copywriters for your online marketing needs, you need someone who has strong SEO skills writing skills.

Writing for online audiences is best done using search engine optimization (SEO) writing techniques, which  require lots of learning and practice.

Unlike basic copywriting, SEO copywriting brings more (and better!) online traffic to your Website.  It’s a writing technique the helps your site show up better on Google and other search engines.

So, ask to see each copywriter’s best SEO pages. Find out how high they’ve gotten those Web pages ranked on Google, Yahoo! and elsewhere online.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs alike, hiring out the writing process can be hard in the beginning. But in the end it’s completely worth it have an expert get your online marketing tasks handled well.

Hiring a good copywriter can relieve your stress and leads to higher productivity.

You can select the best writer for your projects (online and offline) using the tips above. If you choose a real rock star copywriter with a thorough service menu to meet your many needs, you’ll soon be singing their praises!