9 Steps to Improve Google Ranking & Get More Web Traffic

Google Ranking

Implementing the steps to improve Google ranking for a Website is quite a complicated dance — and it’s a dance that many Web entrepreneurs are obsessed about learning!

If you want to attract more sales leads online, you might want to learn the steps to increase page rank for your site, too. Copy Clique has enjoyed helping get other sites higher on the search results pages, so I’d like to share some of the SEO tactics it involves with you.

Here are the 9 SEO techniques, best practices and steps I’ll be implementing to increase page rank for this — the new and improved CopyClique.com . . . But first, a confession: I covet a top search engine ranking on Google.

When I Google our primary keywords (e.g., copywriting service, web content writer, content service, writers freelance, etc.) and don’t see Copy Clique on the first page of search results . . .  let’s just say I feel a tad anxious!

Why do I (and countless others) want a top search engine ranking on Google so badly? Well, it’s the best free advertising online! Let’s face it, the vast majority of online searches originate on Google, and most times we rarely look past the 2nd page of search results.

So, if several thousand potential customers are Googling for what you and I sell each month, that’s a lot of good sales leads we’re missing if our web pages are “buried.” Being on Page 1 or 2 of Google, Yahoo! or  Bing for your keywords is simply smart marketing. Once one achieves this Holy Grail of Internet marketing, your time and money against other forms of advertising can be substantially reduced.


With a new year around the bend, I’ve resolved to do the following proven 9 SEO techniques to increase Copy Clique’s search engine visibility:


  • I’m building a link wheel of satellite minisites, all linking into Copy Clique. This is one of the hottest SEO strategies that we help clients with, yet I’ve yet to fully build out our own. 🙁
  • I’m getting our Google Sitemap established so that Google will read and index everything on Copy Clique. I know this also will help our readers navigate the site more easily, too.
  • I’ll be refining the data in the head section of this site, ensuring that our meta data — each Web page’s keywords and site description — are in sync and distinctive.
  • Similarly, I’ll double-check that our keywords are included in the Web page titles and sub headers as (coded at the H1 and H2 levels). I know that Google’s bots look for and give preference to terms that are bold and italicized. My previous aesthetics decisions to ignore this fact haven’t helped increase page rank for certain pages on this site.
  • How about this one: The article writer you’re reading needs her own article writer! It’s a little nuts how many SEO article marketing pieces we’ve ghostwritten for others, but run out of time to get it done for our own business. That’s about to change! Creating more backlinks through article marketing is great way to improve Google ranking as well as get more Web traffic.
  • I already do a good deal of competitive research in our niche, but I’m going to do more. If you’ve not invested time in this, here are a few of my favorite “homework” exercises you might try . . .
    1. Using Google (and Yahoo! and Bing!) type your keywords and see which sites in your category have garnered top search engine results status. Visit those sites, make mental notes and compare.
    2. Using Alexa.com, type in your top competitors’ URLs. You’ll be shown your competitors’ top keywords, the number of inbound links leading to their site, and more. Think about how to get links from some of those sites pointing to your site.
  • It’s not sufficient to just have our front page and one or two others with the modest page rank we’ve garnered thus far. Now comes the work of getting the rest of our Web pages listed higher on Google. One way to do this is to get other strong sites linking to other Web pages here. (This is where the link wheel I previously mentioned will play a role.)
  • There’s also the work of more cross-linking that must be done, i.e., linking various pages on this site to others on this site. This should help push some of the page ranking to other Web pages here. It, of course, should also help you, dear readers, find other related content on the site.
  • Now that I have Google Analytics set up for this site, I’ll definitely be studying this information to better understand which sites are referring the most traffic, and for which keywords. In fact, just today I discovered a new keyword phrase that many have clicked to find this site: improve Google ranking. So there you are . . . this has been what I’ve had to say about that!