For Online Writers, the Benjamins are In the Benefits

Online Writers-

I’ve always liked that P. Diddy ditty, “All About the Benjamins.” Except here, I’m substituting Diddy’s word Benjamins (i.e., money) with the idea of BENEFITS. Because as every cool content writer knows, it’s all about the benefits, baby!

Think about it . . . When people read the web content on your site, they’re only doing so because they want  something you seem to have. They’re looking for ways to benefit from what you’re thinking, selling or otherwise know a lot about.

Now, there are many ways that you might prove that you can be beneficial to your site visitors. You may need to show and tell how your widgets will make them faster, smarter or prettier. Or perhaps you represent a monetary savings, superior quality, a time convenience or some other key value. A great online writer helps you distill and articulate this.

If you’re a web content writer writing your own web pages, pay close attention to this area of your copy. When writing for the web, always be mindful of the WIFM factor: What’s In It for Me?! To master this, consider these guidelines, which I hope will “benefit” the web content writer in you:

  1. Make a compelling promise off the bat, in your headline and intro paragraph. Successful online writers master describing the different kinds of satisfaction or relief that a product/service uniquely delivers. These are the benefits that (hopefully) convince a reader to embrace what you offer in the marketplace.
  2. When writing for the web, try to anticipate the various questions a prospective customer will have. Think of your web content as a 24/7 sales person. That means the better the questions are answered, the more likely you are to gain a new customer.
  3. The more crucial job of a web content writer probably involves writing as specifically as possible about the benefits (and not just the features) of a product or service. Really, a good content writer addresses every reason imaginable for someone spending their hard-earned Benjamins with you.

There’s plenty more that content writers must bring to bear, far beyond distilling the benefits of a service or product. But this is a biggie when all the elements of writing for the web are equal. Making money from your web services relies heavily on describing how well you fulfill the reader’s needs.

There’s a reason to reiterate your benefits well below-the-fold — further down in your marketing copy or web  content. But the best chance of having your copy serve your online sales goals involves articulating the benefits ASAP, on each of your web pages.

Review your web pages from time to time, with fresh eyes to discern how well you’ve conveyed your benefits. If website writing simply isn’t your thing, here’s an experienced content writer who can help you, right here!