8 Seo Tips For Content Writers

Content Writers

Newsflash: The marketer who dominates the information flow around your topic holds a dominant position in the online market. That’s because in web marketing, Content is King — and the “king” rules this: organic, naturally occurring web traffic from search engines.

Google LOVES  content-rich websites, and so do potential customers who’re considering doing business with you. Which is why aligning with a skilled content writer matters when trying to develop a more profitable online business.

Having plenty of text content on your site is important for ranking well (i.e., HIGHER) on search engine results pages. You can have great page titles and lots of backlinks. You can have a wonderfully designed site, too. However, if you don’t have lots of quality content, none of the rest matters.

Search engines only read text. They cannot read images, videos, flashy banners, or stylish templates. They only read and determine the quality of your web page based on the text: the written words a great content writer generates.


Seo Content Tips

  • Repeat your main keywords and key phrases across all of your web pages. This should be Rule #1 for every content writer. Google and other search engines determine how authoritative you are on any given top or key phrase based on how often (and logically) it’s typed on a web page.
  • When creating hyperlinks, use your key phrases as the link words. Google assigns more importance to words and phrases that you make bold, underline or italicize. Similarly, it places a higher value on the words you use in any links you create on your site. Never make links of empty words like Click Here; link using keywords such as Professional Writing Service or Content Writing Service.
  • Create article titles that are intriguing and stimulate curiosity. Let’s face it: drama attracts attention. You’ll get more web traffic from people using the search engines when you appreciate the selling job that an article title must do. People are attracted to titles with numbers in them as well.
  • Check your keyword density. Although it’s crucial to repeat your keyword phrases on your web pages, be mindful of using them too much in the same article or web page. Search engines keep an eagle-like eye trained on keyword-stuffed pages, which they consider “spammy.” Best practices are to hit a keyword density of between 2% – 5%. Smart content writers use a Keyword Density Tool to check that what you’ve written is within this range. Less than this percentage, and your article / page will be buried on the search engines; more than this percentage and the search engine may de-list your page altogether, having calculated that you’ve written gibberish that readers wouldn’t enjoy or understand.
  • Use nice images and complete their alternate text tags. These represent another great opportunity for a content writer to muscle-up an article or web page for SEO purposes. Also note: People searching through the Images pages on the search engines will be able to learn about your site this way. Try to choose images that stand out and “beg” people to click them. Curiosity may have killed that cat, but when it comes to using images, the cat gets lots of extra lives (i.e., web traffic), when your come-hither images beckon to be clicked on search engine results pages.
  • Get a professional writer for fresh content strategies. It’s important to create additional content such as FAQ pages, how-to pages, an industry glossary, and articles about your services or products. Good content writers are idea factories. They can come up with all sorts of new and exciting ways to talk about your product or service category. Since content is king, as your content writer to review your site and strategize a list of fresh content to add. Copy Clique can help you with content strategies as part of our Web Copy Review Service.
  • Use the description meta tag associated with each of your web pages. Google’s search bots look at this for clues about which search terms to make your pages discoverable for. If your site uses a content management system such as WordPress, install the plugin called All In One SEO Pack to make this process easier and well organized.
  • Learn from other websites in your category. Keep an eye on your competitors and how they’re ranking for the same keywords you’re using. There a couple of ways to do this, but one quick and easy way to learn another site’s top keywords is tap Alexa.com. Just go there and type the URL of a site you’re curious about. Alexa will spit out more good and useful information than you probably really want to know about any site across the entire web!

It isn’t easy to become a leader in your niche or brand category online. It takes a good team to help make more happen on every website — SEO pros, savvy content writers, social media drivers, and more. Together, the focus of these practitioners can deliver both on-page and off-site what it takes to make your web site more successful.