What Is an EPK?

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If you want publicity, you’ll need a media kit. But creating a traditional, “paper” press kit can be a daunting task if you’re not a press release writer. Creating an electronic press kit (EPK) may seem even more intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be hard …

Use this EPK intel to learn the benefits of digitally publishing your “media kit,” becoming more discoverable online and accessible to the media.

An electronic press kit is similar to a paper press kit; it’s just stored, distributed, and presented differently. An EPK is only distributed/available electronically: over the Internet.


EPK Distribution

Thanks to the Internet, press kits are now faster to transmit. Pitching the media for coverage also is much more affordable when your press kit as an EPK.

Unlike when having to “snail mail” a fancy folder or package of information, you’re able to direct the media you contact to discover everything they need to know online.

An important note: The free and open nature of the Internet has shifted the paradigm of electronic press kits. EPKs originally were intended for the media, in hopes of securing TV, radio, blog or newspaper coverage.

But these days, EPKs are even used to cut out the middle man (i.e., the media). You can easily serve as your own press release writer and make your EPK accessible to consumers.

This way, you can generate direct sales — even if you can’t get any media organization to publish your news.


Popular EPK Formats

An EPK is the “electronic” version of a press kit, telling the 5 W’s — the Who, What, When, Where & Why of your special news, products or services. EPKs today are packaged a variety of ways, with two of the most common formats being.

  • A PDF media kit containing the various documents typically mailed in a paper press kit (e.g., press release, event schedule, product pages, company profile). The PDF is emailed and may be printed out. PDFs can’t contain videos, if that’s an important component in your sales pitch.
  • A Microsite, which is a single web page, or even better, a cluster of web pages. A microsite usually links back to your main website, but not always. Most online microsites allow you to integrate video, music, and still images as part of your e-press kit. They also provide your main website a good back link (if your have a main website).


A Press Release Writer Creates the Best EPKs

If your want the media, your industry and the public to take your product, services, art, book or other effort seriously, it’s generally best to have a press release writer create your EPK.

It can be difficult to tell your own story in a way that holds peoples’ attention, probably because you’re too close to it to see what’s hot vs. what’s not.

As the technology advances, we’ll likely continue to see EPKs take all kinds of formats, and become available in even more exciting ways than they currently are. Click here to see a sample EPK, press releases, and other publicity tools.

If you’d like a professional writer to create your electronic press kit, get in touch with us, let’s discuss your project!